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The small corn harvester adopts a knapsack structure and can harvest 2 to 4 rows of corn at one time. It is installed on a four-wheel tractor with 18-32 horsepower. It has simple operation, high efficiency, and one machine with multiple functions. The straw can be crushed and returned to the field, which is particularly suitable for farmland operations in the vast rural areas, and can show its advantages.

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Features of corn harvester: 1. Compact body: 4.5 meters in length, 1.2 meters in height, and 600 kg in weight. It is not restricted by the planting row spacing and does not need to be opened manually. It is suitable for various planting terrains. 2. Hydraulic lifting header: The header of the small corn harvester can be adjusted at any time according to the height of the ears to achieve the best harvesting effect. 3. Hydraulic unloading device: After the small corn harvester is harvested, it can be directly loaded and unloaded on the agricultural transport truck, saving time and effort. 4. Simple structure: a large number of chains and belts are used for transmission, and a unique chain box is used to replace the traditional gear box. The structure is simplified, the cost is reduced, the performance is stable, and the maintenance is convenient. 5. Straw crushing: There is a crushing knife on the corn harvester, and you can choose whether to crush the straw according to your needs. 6. Required power: The power requirement is small, and it can be installed on a tractor of 18-32 horsepower. Working principle of small corn harvester: When entering the field, the new small-scale corn harvester advances along the direction of the corn ridge. There is a V-shaped device at the front of the cutting table. The professional term is called a guide. It can guide the corn stalks into the front of the ear picking roller. The V-shaped entrance is located at the front of the picking roller. The ear picking roller is pushed in under the action of the front wheel. The ear picking device is two pairs of shafts with spiral ribs on the opposite rotating surfaces. The corn stalks are pushed backward along the spiral ribs, and the ear picking rollers pass through the gap between the ear pick rollers. The ribs of the corn are picked off the corn ears and fall into the trough. They are sent to the right input trough by the auger shaft, and are sent to the rear ear box by the conveyor belt. At the same time, the cutting knife under the header will crush the corn stalks and return it to the field. This machine completes all operations such as corn picking, conveying and packing, and straw crushing and returning to the field at one time.Parameter information
Model 4YB-2
Structure Backpack corn harvester
matching power 18-35 Hp four wheel tractor
harvesting rows 2 rows
Working width 40-80cm
working efficience 3-5mu/h
loosing rate <1%
Corn required height >60cm
Corn kernel loss rate <2%
Corn kernel breaking rate <1%
Qualified rate of chopped length >90%
Straw crushing and returning to the field Rotary cut
Corn ear box volume 1.2CBM
Dimension 4500*1300*2650mm
Weight 600kg
Stubble height >8cm
corn harvester (1)corn harvester (1)corn harvester (1)corn harvester (1)

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