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corn sheller

The overall advantages of this thresher are clean threshing, small loss of grass and impurities, low impurities in harvested grains, less broken grains and less damage. Three core functions of the thresher 1.Threshing device;2.Separation device;3.Cleaning device. 1 Threshing device This thresher threshing core is constructed with a fully fed-axial flow-elbow rod tooth. 1.2 Advantages: 1.2.1 Double feed inlet, suitable for different crops; 1.2.2 Axial flow of grain, long threshing time. Less broken grains; 1.2.3 Good separation performance; 1.2.4 Can take off a variety of crops; 1.2.5 Protect crops with fragile grains;    1.2.6 The components are firm and not easily damaged.

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