Solar Water Pump 24V Surface Submersible Pump Mobile Pump Garden Watering Pump Farmland Irrigation Battery Spray Pump

1. Solar MPPT charging control, the charging efficiency is 20% higher than the PWM method. 2.16 groups of timing, repeated every day without interruption, 24 hours * 7 days, the opening and closing time can be adjusted at will. 3.50000 times automatic cooling system control, safety protection equipment. No need to manually cool down when charging. 4. 30,000 hours LED lamp life, more than 20m lighting system, more convenient to work at night. 5.8.5m solar charging cable + 10m water pump cable + 10m water pipe, to meet the needs of daily use. 6. Solar or 220V dual charging. Plug and play for charging and discharging, fast and convenient. 7.MC4 waterproof connector, snap-on design, easy to install. 8. Output overload protection, over temperature protection, battery undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, battery overvoltage protection, etc. 9. For other functions, please refer to the instruction manual.

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