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1. The utility model relates to an agricultural machine, in particular to an equipment capable of transporting rice seedlings, transporting grain, spreading fertilizer and beating medicine in a paddy field. With the accelerating pace of national agricultural modernization, the level of agricultural mechanization in China has been greatly improved. In terms of paddy field cultivation, it is very common for rice transplanter to replace artificial transplanter. But the consequent problem is that the transport of seedlings, fertilization and medicine in the field at the later stage also need to be synchronized, so as to improve the water The whole mechanization rate of field crops. At present, although there are such products put into use, but there are generally insufficient horsepower, small carrying capacity, weak collapse-prevention ability, less flexible steering and other deficiencies. 2. In order to overcome the problems of insufficient horsepower, small carrying capacity, weak collapse-prevention ability and less flexible steering of the existing rice seedling transporter, The utility model provides a multi-functional rice paddy rice seedling transport machine with sufficient horsepower, large bearing capacity, good anti-sag performance and flexible steering, which integrates the collection and transport of rice seedlings, the scattering of fertilizer and the beating of medicine. The technical scheme to solve the above problems is as follows: a multifunctional rice rice transport machine, including a driving platform and a truck Motive, gearbox, frame body, bending steering, front and rear driving wheel, front and rear driving axle, filling trough box, fertilizer spreading device, spraying mechanism. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, sufficient horsepower, large bearing capacity, good ability to cross the ridge, flexible steering and strong collapse-proof ability, etc. Tires for the paddy field rubber wheel amphibious, anti - collapsability is strong, does not hurt the ridge of the field, the appearance of coating for baking paint, plastic spray, rust - proof effect is strong, good visual effect. 3. The new type of multi-functional rice rice transplanting machine adopts high-power engine, and the technical devices such as the side reduction front and rear bridge and the bending steering of the harvester, which effectively solves the shortcomings of the former rice rice transplanting machine, such as weak power, small bearing capacity, and weak steering and passing ability. It is a kind of time-saving and labor-saving. It uses reliable rice paddy transport and post-management machinery.

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